Aircraft De-Icing

Avoid delays in colder climates with our reliable and high-speed aircraft de-icing service.

Our Winter Readiness Programme ensures the focus on De-Icing activities is well advanced for our customers before the colder climates start to bring home the reality on the somewhat inevitable.

Aircraft De-Icing

Disruption and delays are not part of the ABA strategy which is why we are ever keen to adopt new methods of practice to enable you to maintain your OTP whatever the weather. With a wealth of experience in the De-Icing Industry the ABA Operations Team are totally focused on providing you with a first class service.

Our guarantee to you will be a De-icing team will be in place at your aircraft side -15 minutes to departure. Communication is the key to success and our De-Icing Operatives will liaise with your Engineers and Flight Deck prior to the aircraft being closed up to ensure the De-Icing Operation commences on time.

With a closely monitored CDM system every phase of the operation is coordinated with precision so that the allocated TSAT and TOBT times are maintained even in adverse weather conditions.


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