A healthy engine is a happy engine

Keep it that way with the patented Rochem® Jet Wash System.

All jet engines consume vast amounts of unfiltered air which, especially at low levels, can contain varying amounts of airborne oily vapors, sticky tree sap, unburned hydrocarbons, salt, and general atmospheric dirt, a portion of which sticks to and builds up over time on compressor vanes and blades. This reduces their operating efficiency, decreases engine mass flow, increases combustion and EGT temperatures, and subsequently increases fuel consumption.

Combustion and turbine sections of all jet engines can also suffer from so-called hot-end corrosion due to ingestion and gradual build-up of airborne salt and other corrosive elements. Hot-end corrosion is still one of the major causes of engine failure and very costly visits to the repair shop. Fouling of jet engines by the unfiltered air that they consume cannot be physically prevented, but it can be controlled and minimized by regular on-wing engine washing to maintain output and fuel efficiency and prevent hot-end corrosion. The Rochem® Jet-Wash System is designed specifically to keep a clean engine clean in the easiest and most cost effective way.

Rochem Jet Wash System

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Consistent, predictable results from every engine wash can help to significantly reduce aircraft engine fuel burn – typically in the range 1 to 1.5% per annum. For fleets of hundreds of aircraft, this can translate to millions of dollars saved.

Lower On-Wing Times

Shorter cleaning cycles mean less down time. Ro-Jet-Wash™ can be deployed at the gate, or even on the taxi-way in emergency situations, bringing down critical heat build up to acceptable levels, allowing for fewer engine-related delays.

Unsurpassed ROI

The combination of improved fuel efficiency and sustained power output, decreased cleaning times, and engine wash costs in the tens, not thousands, of dollars (compared to high cost engine-wash service contracts) grants the Rochem® Jet Engine Wash System a short amortization period, and it will pay for itself many times over.

Simple & Straightforward

Patented atomizing nozzle injection system maximizes cleaning result with no consumables apart from hot water (minimal detergent chemical addition furthers improve cleaning effect). Optional mobile sluice and post treatment system improve environmental sustainability. The optional demineralizer system generates high quality wash water meeting all engine OEM requirements.

Rapid Setup & Operation

Self-powered and highly mobile for use anywhere on site, engine wash times, including set-up, are reduced to minutes not hours. Efficient simultaneous cleaning of main fan, low and high pressure compressors and engine hot section.

Built for Safety

There is no physical connection to the engine being washed. The entire self-contained system is simple to position and operate by a minimal crew.


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